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    Succor point : X (94) Y (-1270) Z (-5)

    Equipment List

    Icon Name Item type
    Aderirse Bur Combinable
    Amber Ring of the Stalwart Jewelry
    Amulet of Brell Gems
    Ash-covered Shield Shield
    Ashen Loop of Bone Jewelry
    Battle Staff of Torment 2HB
    Belt of the Hiveslayer Armor
    Biddlebokk's Tools Note
    Blue Diamond Combinable
    Bottomless Fungus Gathering Belt Armor
    Brell's Bounty Food
    Brell's Gold Jewelry
    Brick of Crude Iron Ore Gems
    Brightly Pulsating Crystallized Cosgrove Shard Augmentation
    Brilliantly Pulsating Crystallized Cosgrove Shard Augmentation
    Calcified Martel 1HB
    Calicified Earring of Drudgery Jewelry
    Candle of the Spirit's Flames Armor
    Cape of Clever Tactics Armor
    Chunk of Basalt Combinable
    Chunk of Coal Combinable
    Chunk of Floating Ore Jewelry
    Cliknar Wing Gems
    Cobalt Collar of the Taskmaster Armor
    Consigned Bite of the Shissar XV Potion
    Cosgrove Powder Combinable
    Crystalline Ring of Drudgery Jewelry
    Crystallized Ball of Cosgrove Clay Augmentation
    Curzon Combinable
    Deathspike Spear Piercing
    Dimly Pulsating Crystallized Cosgrove Shard Augmentation
    Dingy Collar of the Worker Armor
    Earthtouched Diamond Gems
    Elegant Adept's Shard Armor
    Elegant Combatant's Shard Armor
    Emblem of Brell Gems
    Enameled Gargoyle Eye Gems
    Enforcer's Spiked Ear Taper Jewelry
    Essence of Passion Gems
    Essence of Substance Gems
    Essence of Will Gems
    Exquisite Animal Pelt Gems
    Exquisite Marrow Gems
    Exquisite Silk Gems
    Exquisite Spinneret Fluid Gems
    Extruded Underfoot Diamond Combinable
    Faintly Pulsating Crystallized Cosgrove Shard Augmentation
    Fine Steel Dagger Piercing
    Fine Steel Short Sword 1HS
    Firelight Earring Jewelry
    Flake of Gold Leaf Gems
    Flawless Animal Pelt Gems
    Flawless Silk Gems
    Fractured Sessiloid Shard Gems
    Gigyn Skull Mask Armor
    Glowgem Combinable
    Glowrock Combinable
    Glowstone Combinable
    Growling Visage Armor
    Hammer of Ravenous Lichen 1HB
    Hammered Anvilguard Shoulders Armor
    Hardened Golem's Tear Jewelry
    Harmonagate Gems
    Hunk of Crystal Jewelry
    Immaculate Animal Pelt Combinable
    Immaculate Larkspur Combinable
    Immaculate Marrow Gems
    Immaculate Oleander Combinable
    Immaculate Silk Gems
    Immaculate Spinneret Fluid Gems
    Iridium Encrusted Cephalic Clay Gems
    Iridium Encrusted Tarsal Clay Gems
    Kyv Balm Gems
    Kyv Bow Archery
    Kyv Cam Gems
    Kyv String Gems
    Lava Sample Combinable
    Lava Tube Spore Combinable
    Lavaborn Steel Gems
    Lichen Sample Combinable
    Lichenweave Cord Armor
    Living Lava Combinable
    Living Underfoot Diamond Gems
    Lodestone Band Jewelry
    Lupine Runed Armband Armor
    Mad Mephit's Stretching Collar Armor
    Mephit Tongue Combinable
    Mephit Wing Sample Gems
    Mephit mind Gems
    Mephit's Hoop of the Trickster Jewelry
    Mephit's Tear Jewelry
    Mephit-hide Cowl Armor
    Midnight Gem Jewelry
    Miner's Pickaxe 2HS
    Molten Skin Combinable
    Moss-Stained Ring Jewelry
    Muddite Skull Gems
    Partially Digested Rock Combinable
    Pearl Earrings of Elegance Jewelry
    Pile of Gravel Combinable
    Porous Loam Gems
    Prestidigitase Gems
    Pristine Caladium Combinable
    Pristine Delphinium Combinable
    Pristine Laburnum Combinable
    Pristine Larkspur Combinable
    Pristine Mephit Wing Veins Combinable
    Pristine Muscimol Combinable
    Pristine Oleander Combinable
    Pristine Privit Combinable
    Pulsating Crystallized Cosgrove Shard Augmentation
    Purified Grade AA Choresine Sample Combinable
    Purified Grade AA Gormar Venom Combinable
    Purified Grade AA Mamba Venom Combinable
    Purified Grade AA Nigriventer Venom Combinable
    Purified Grade AA Taipan Venom Combinable
    Putrescent Fungal Spores Gems
    Raw Amber Nihilite Combinable
    Raw Crimson Nihilite Combinable
    Raw Diamond Combinable
    Raw Indigo Nihilite Combinable
    Raw Shimmering Nihilite Combinable
    Regurgitated Lichen Combinable
    Rune Binding Powder Combinable
    Runed Mask of the Creep Armor
    Sapphire Combinable
    Scale Ore Combinable
    Semi Precious Stone Chunk Gems
    Serpent Insignia Collar Armor
    Sessiloid Shard Combinable
    Sigil Ring of the Predator Jewelry
    Soot-brushed Shoulders of the Lifebringer Armor
    Spark Essence Gems
    Sparkling Precandescent Rune Gems
    Speckled Golem Stone Jewelry
    Spiked War Maul 2HB
    Spongy Loam Gems
    Staurolite Gems
    Steam-Infused Shard Armor
    Summoned: Muzzle of Mowcha Armor
    Summoned: Windwoven Dreamcatcher 1HB
    Sun Ruby Jewelry
    Sunshard Powder Combinable
    Symbol of the Kyv Gems
    Taaffeite Gems
    Tantalum Ore Gems
    Titanium Ore Gems
    Torn Sash of the Overminion Armor
    Trade-In Gem: Assault Rk. II Gems
    Trade-In Gem: Blast of Hypergrowth Rk. II Gems
    Trade-In Gem: Glorious Denunciation Rk. II Gems
    Trade-In Gem: Malediction of Havoc Rk. II Gems
    Trade-In Gem: Necrotic Pustules Rk. II Gems
    Trade-In Gem: Shared Bloodlust Rk. II Gems
    Uncut Alexandrite Combinable
    Uncut Amethyst Combinable
    Uncut Black Sapphire Combinable
    Uncut Combine Star Combinable
    Uncut Demantoid Combinable
    Uncut Goshenite Combinable
    Uncut Jacinth Combinable
    Uncut Morganite Combinable
    Uncut Rubellite Combinable
    Underfoot Purified Ore Gems
    Underfoot Topaz Jewelry
    Urticaceae Combinable
    Vanadium Ore Combinable
    Vitallium Encrusted Brachial Clay Gems
    Vitallium Encrusted Tarsal Clay Gems
    Vitallium Encrusted Thoracic Clay Gems
    War-torn Axe of Mayhem 1HS
    Worthless Rock Combinable