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    Succor point : X (975) Y (2) Z (396)

    Equipment List

    Icon Name Item type
    Bejeweled Ornate Dagger Gems
    Blue Diamond Combinable
    Brick of Crude Iron Ore Gems
    Brick of Ethereal Energy Combinable
    Cobalt Ore Gems
    Consigned Bite of the Shissar XI Potion
    Drape of the Proud Armor
    Enameled Gargoyle Eye Gems
    Ethereal Parchment Gems
    Excellent Animal Pelt Gems
    Excellent Silk Gems
    Excellent Spinneret Fluid Gems
    Fine Animal Pelt Gems
    Fine Caladium Combinable
    Fine Larkspur Combinable
    Fine Muscimol Combinable
    Fine Oleander Combinable
    Fine Privit Combinable
    Fine Silk Gems
    Flake of Gold Leaf Gems
    Flawless Animal Pelt Gems
    Flawless Silk Gems
    Fresh Caladium Combinable
    Fresh Delphinium Combinable
    Fresh Laburnum Combinable
    Fresh Larkspur Combinable
    Fresh Muscimol Combinable
    Fresh Oleander Combinable
    Fresh Privit Combinable
    Glyphed Rune Word Gems
    Hero Parts Combinable
    Indium Ore Gems
    Intricate Adept's Sphere Armor
    Intricate Combatant's Orb Armor
    Kyv Balm Gems
    Kyv Bow Archery
    Kyv Cam Gems
    Kyv String Gems
    Longblade of Vitality 1HS
    Lucidem Combinable
    Lupine Runed Armband Armor
    Marr Cherries Food
    Peridot Combinable
    Pile of Gravel Combinable
    Prestidigitase Gems
    Raw Amber Nihilite Combinable
    Raw Crimson Nihilite Combinable
    Raw Diamond Combinable
    Raw Indigo Nihilite Combinable
    Raw Shimmering Nihilite Combinable
    Refined Grade A Choresine Sample Combinable
    Refined Grade A Gormar Venom Combinable
    Refined Grade A Nigriventer Venom Combinable
    Refined Grade AA Taipan Venom Combinable
    Rhenium Ore Gems
    Sapphire Combinable
    Scale Ore Combinable
    Semi Precious Stone Chunk Gems
    Serpent Insignia Collar Armor
    Soldiers Shield Gems
    Soldiers Sword Gems
    Soluble Loam Gems
    Spectral Parchment Gems
    Staurolite Gems
    Strand of Ether Combinable
    Sunshard Ore Combinable
    Superb Animal Pelt Gems
    Superb Silk Gems
    Superb Spinneret Fluid Gems
    Symbol of the Kyv Gems
    Taaffeite Gems
    Tuft of Fur Combinable
    Tungsten Ore Gems
    Uncut Alexandrite Combinable
    Uncut Amethyst Combinable
    Uncut Black Sapphire Combinable
    Uncut Combine Star Combinable
    Uncut Demantoid Combinable
    Uncut Goshenite Combinable
    Uncut Jacinth Combinable
    Uncut Morganite Combinable
    Uncut Rubellite Combinable
    Versluierd Fungus Combinable
    Wrulon Claw Combinable
    Wrulon Tail Combinable