Darlenna Everhot

Full name Darlenna Everhot Miscellaneous Furniture
Level 60
Race Dwarf
Class Shopkeeper
Main faction
Health points 4,200
Damage 0 to 4
Special attacks
This NPC sells :
  • Covered Piano (800p)
  • Covered Table (750p)
  • Simple Round Building Log (1p)
  • Trimmed Round Building Log (1p)
  • Patterned Round Building Log (1p)
  • Miniature Windmill (11p)
  • Vine-Covered Stone Archway (20p 6g)
  • Vine-Covered Marble Archway (20p 6g)
  • Vine-Covered Wooden Archway (20p 6g)
  • Vine-Covered Iron Archway (20p 6g)
  • Natural Picket Fence (3p 7g)
  • Natural Picket Post (2p)
  • Sharp Iron Fence (3p 9g)
  • Sharp Iron Post (2p 2g)
  • Pink Flamingo (6p 6g)
  • Padded Stone Chair (10p)
  • Simple Stone Bench (12p)
  • Picnic Table (11p)
  • Male Garden Gnome (16p)
  • Female Garden Gnome (16p)
  • Welcoming Garden Gnome (18p)
  • Cloth Cabana (26p 6g)
  • Bamboo Cabana (26p 6g)
  • Stone Gazebo (28p 6g)
  • Wood Gazebo (26p 6g)
  • Lightwood Full Bar (19p 9g)
  • Darkwood Half Bar (16p 2g)
  • Tiki Torch (7p)
  • Box of Butterflies (10p 5g)
  • Box of Fireflies (10p 5g)
  • Birdhouse on Post (9p)
  • Mounted Birdhouse (9p)
  • Wooden Farm Fence (3p 7g)
  • Wooden Horse Hitch (4p)
  • Simple Wood Barrel (3p 5g)
  • Box of Flies (10p 5g)
  • Box of Clouds (10p 5g)
  • Stone Block (2p)
  • Wood Mailbox on Post (10p)
  • Wooden Mailbox (10p)
  • Trimmed Cylindrical Wood Building Block (1p)
  • Patterned Cylindrical Wood Building Block (1p)
  • Simple White Building Block (1p)
  • White Marble Trimmed Building Block (1p)
  • Patterned Cylindrical Marble Building Block (1p)
  • Simple Wood Building Block (1p)
  • Trimmed Wood Building Block (1p)
  • Patterned Wood Building Block (1p)
  • Simple Marble Building Block (1p)
  • Trimmed Marble Building Block (1p)
  • Patterned Marble Building Block (1p)
  • Fence End Piece (2p 2g)
  • Brick (1p)
  • Square Paving Stone (1p)
  • Circular Paving Stone (2p)
  • This NPC spawns in

    Sunrise Hills

    Killing this NPC lowers factions with

    Killing this NPC raises factions with