A Bubbling Accursed Mass

Full name A Bubbling Accursed Mass
Level 20
Race Goo
Class Warrior
Main faction KOS
Health points 700
Damage 11 to 48
Special attacks

When killed, this NPCcan drop

  • Fire Opal (Combinable)
  • Opal Bracelet (Jewelry)
  • Crystallized Sulfur (Combinable)
  • Phosphorous Powder (Combinable)
  • Excellent Animal Pelt (Gems)
  • Tungsten Ore (Gems)
  • Uncut Rubellite (Combinable)
  • Refined Grade A Nigriventer Venom (Combinable)
  • Refined Grade A Gormar Venom (Combinable)
  • Fresh Larkspur (Combinable)
  • Quality Plated Necklace (Combinable)
  • Globe of Glowing Evil (Combinable)
  • Excellent Silk (Gems)
  • Froglok Slimestone Powder (Combinable)
  • This NPC spawns in

    Deepest Guk: Cauldron of Lost Souls