Welcome to Alternitys Edge

If you are needing the client please check the support tab at the top.
Also if you download the files and you are getting a DX error I have a link to DX9 directly from Microsoft.
Download it extract it and run the EXE file.

So the install process
Download RoF, extract it to a folder
Download these Game Files and extract it to the EQ folder (Example 2 files will go in D:\EQ RoF2\ and 2 into D:\EQ RoF2\Resources\)
Download Dx9 (if needed)
goto the RoF folder and find eqgame.exe right click it and do a "Send to" and then select Desktop (create shortcut)
find the shortcut on the desktop and right click and select properties and make sure you are on the Shortcut tab.
in the Target area it will say something like "D:\Imperium RoF2\eqgame.exe" or D:\Imperium RoF2\eqgame.exe
add patch me to the end of the target like this "D:\EQ RoF2\eqgame.exe" patchme or D:\EQ RoF2\eqgame.exe patchme
Now select the Compatilbility tab and put a check next to Run this program as an administrator
Click OK and you should be done with config part.
Now goto Eq Emulator and make yourself an account, you need a forum account and a login account they are different things dont try to log into EQ with you forum account
You can read about it on their forums Here, yes I could make my own login website but this also gives you access to all the other servers if you want them